July 10, 2009

Dead Tired

I had to (okay, fine; it was optional, but still) come at 3 in the afternoon today to see that said 14 year-old girl who was supposedly doing Advanced 1 and Grade 8.
So yeah, I didn't get to have much of a sleep after my morning class.

And to top it off, I had a plate of watermelons for my so-called lunch and a cup of Milo.
So-called diet.
Well, I'd be regretting it later. >_<

The girl, who was from Alor Akar school (and whom Jermaine knew), was quite pleasant looking, and cute in a way that she's give a sheepish grin if she didn't know something or forgot.
But apparently by the time I came (which was around 3.15 - thanks to Ashley who called me at around 2.47 and woke me up from my slumber, otherwise I think I would have slept through), I had 'missed the good parts'.
But heck, I didn't regret it. Sleep/rest came first. =3

So by the time it was Sharnita and Jermaine's class, I started feeling hungry.
All thanks to my (not-so)'smart' attempt at dieting.
The hunger sort of went away after a while though, maybe it was due to the pitying sight of Jermaine trying her best do do pointe work.
Poor girl tries so hard, her face shows it.

Not long into Grade 3, Tze Ping messaged Lika that she was not coming for class tonight.
So Lika hatched a brilliant idea to make a short trip to Medan Selera during our class to get something to eat, and then dance in place of Tze Ping's class.
Thankfully, Gino agreed to it.

I had Chee Cheong Fun and Lika had Curry Mee, but who originally wanted Mee Soup.
I had a craving for curry earlier, but it changed when I went to Medan.
So after we had our stomachs filled, I felt so.damn.heavy. >_>

Smart move, smartypants. Smart move.

Well Gino made good our promise of dancing during Tze Ping's class, and, in an attempt to 'show off' to Lika's 2 Grade 5 girls, asked us to start from Center Work.
He made us do everything extra, and so by the end of our class, we were pretty much wet with sweat and poofed.

By the middle of Grade 4, all 3 of us (yes, Gino included) could hardly comprehend a word properly anymore (okay, that might just be me).
I felt like a sleepy zombie, or at least one who had drugs injected in.

I came back home, feeling as if my head was floating somewhere above me, and could hardly remember 40% of what I said.
I came to my room, switched on the air conditioning, checked my emails real quick, and plopped off to dreamland.
then I woke up at around 4am, and typed this up.

Yup, my timetable is entirely messed up.

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