July 02, 2009

I Phail.. Tremendously.

I've got.. what, 6 reports to finish, and here I am, nicely posting in my blog.
I told myself I'd get it done tonight and hand it in tomorrow morning after class, but now I'm not so sure if I wanna go to the office or follow Lika out to pay (either hers or Gino's) bills.

Simon has been nice enough to me, to not put deadlines as to when to hand in my reports, and here I am lazing around.
I had.. 2 days to finish 2 of them, and 3 freaking days to do the other 4, but did I do even a scrap of it? Noooooo...

I honestly need a good slap for my laziness.. And a few whackings too, if I'm honest, for not appreciating my kind, though-sometimes-sarcastic boss, whom I should be eternally grateful to for putting up with me.
Argh. You 'Penyakit M', why must thou infest me.. >__>

But I love posting, so I'm gonna try to get this done as quick as I can, and then get to doing my overdued reports.
Or not.
Bah. \(>_<)/

Anyways today, for the first time, I experienced cramps in my thighs, due to not warming up before doing Fouettes and Rotations.

Right as we were about to start class, I received a message from Ashley asking me to fetch her when I'm free.
So I told Gino I'd be back ASAP, and went off to fetch Ashley and send her back home.
By the time I returned to the studio, Sharnita was there and Lika was doing Fouettes & Rotations.
The door to the studio was locked (for some reason), so I had to ask Lika to open it for me.
Happy at the distraction, she stopped dancing, and pranced over to the door to unlock it.
I hurriedly took off my clothes (note that I had my leotards on, you pervs), wore my shoes and went to the barre.
Gino decided to repeat Fouettes again, and so that's the exercise I started with.
No warm-up + Fouettes (working muscles required) = NOT GOOD.

I had to stop dancing and sit down for a good few minutes, it was so painful.
And I hated it.
I wasn't satisfied that I had to miss the beginning of the class, and to top it off, had a cramp which made me 'physically disabled' for a while, to which by then, it was time for the next class already.
But we did Grade 6 work today, so as 'to not make the students bored' from doing the syllabus work every week, or so Gino says.

I guess that sort of makes up for the lack of dancing I did during Advanced 1.
Sort of.

And then later on, I dunno if it's because Gino had his 'medicine', but he was kinda.. Perv-ish, cheeky and in a wholly good mood since Grade 3.
He said some things that will make Grade 1's Exercise For Feet With Rises branded permanently in my head, and then there's something Lika said that puts the combination of Battemend Lend and 'fast Plies' into something so.. disgusting that I'll never get the mental image off of my head. >.<

You know what?
I think I'd better get to doing my reports now.
Before I delay them further. Yikes. >_<

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