August 14, 2009

Admit It, You Saw This Coming.

I absolutely LOVE my highlights. ^^

It didn't turn out quite as I expected it to; in fact, it turned out better.
Thank you Mr Gino!^^

Pictures of the bleaching process, as taken by Lika with my phone:

Why hallo thar, teacher. xD

Mad woman on the loose. Yes, I know I look horrible, thank you, Lika.

As Lika has warned me, my hair was coarse after the bleach (wouldn't expect any less anyway), and let me say that I've never applied that much conditioner to my hair in my life, let alone in a day.

When I came back home, I shampooed my hair to wash the excessive bleach that might've still stuck to my hair out, then conditioned it.
After that, I put treatment to it and wrapped it up in a shower cap (for almost 4 hours, no less. I even slept with the shower cap on, >_<). Then when I wanted to take my shower before class, I finally took off the shower cap, rinsed my hair off of the conditioner, and went about bathing as usual, not forgetting the normal (extra, actually) conditioning after shampooing.
But I guess it worked, because my hair wasn't as coarse as I feared it to be, thank goodness. It's still slightly coarse yes, but it's something I can live with. xD
Then I went for class in the evening, nearly an hour late because of all that excessive conditioning. But luckily, we didn't dance.
xD So pictures from that afternoon:


And no, she's NOT fussing about me..

See what I mean? =.=

All was fine and dandy, until Grade 5.
My sinus decided to pay me a visit.

And I felt SO. F******. MISERABLE.

If only noses were detachable, I'd long detached my leaking pipe of a nose.

No, you shall not see how miserable I look.

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