August 05, 2009

Food Preview

Today was my first time attending a food preview.
Actually, I didn't even know it was a food preview until Mimi told me later on.
I also only got to know about this affair a few hours before the actual thing, when I went to the office earlier that day.

Anyway, Mimi fetched me along with Kevin and Teo.
Kevin talked a lot and was friendlier of the two. Maybe it was the language barrier. xp
To sum it up, let's just say that we had more desserts than main course. xD

After dinner and when we decided to head home, we stopped by the pianist playing in the lobby, because Kevin knew him.
Mimi requested a few songs and he played some others that he knew, and the first song Mimi requested was Winter Sonata.
I recorded a bit of it (I couldn't help it! >_<). Have a listen:

Ahh, the memories..
I remember Hong Wen first introduced me to this drama, which was how I began to like Korea in the first place.
And the only words I learnt (or rather, remembered) then were '그대'. xD
And it was the first time in my life that I cried so hard watching a drama. *.*

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