September 29, 2009

Chaos & Hot Air Do NOT Go Well Together.

~Jinhyun says:

So I had to teach the classes today - Lika was busy.
To be honest,
Rainy weather + me = LAZY.

But yeah, I dragged my ass up the studio for my own good. xD
Thankfully, there was only 3 classes today.

One(Wan?) Hui, Ice and Sharnita (actually, just the two) persuaded me to make them do free enchainment, because they were worried and didn't know the terms.
I was quite surprised that I could come up with some decent choreography for the two enchaiments that I gave them, seeing as.. well, I pretty much suck at choreographing.

But at least I managed to tire them out. xD

After that we got the syllabus book and began going through the ballet vocabularies.
I suggested they go online and look up the terms, because knowing me, I probably left them even more confused with my twisted, half-past-six explanations. >_<

Then it was Grade 1, and though I love the lot of them, damn, they can be so noisy..
But really, they're just kids...
Playful, noisy, impatient kids.
I joke, I joke..

They're the kind where you have to be stern with in order for them to take it seriously, or they'll either mock you or continue playing around.
Lika, you've got patience, woman.

After their class was grade 3, the 'although-noisy-and-playful, they-still-do-their-work'.
Plus, they're all really hardworking, talented girls.
And if you're thinking about gor dung as you read those lines, you're just inexplicably mean.

And of course, that is also the class which is known for the immense amount of camwhores.
Also, since the room was so darned hot, I decided to give them a break.
(Bloody air cond was spouting hot air, and them dancing/working out does not help the sauna-like atmosphere.)

They, of course, had no complaints. They were more than happy to oblige.
These were the results.

Mei Lie loves the camera, and the camera loves her right back. xD

This was thier idea. xD

Another version of the one above, only this one has additional Mad Mei Lie making the grand appearance. xD

Uh.. Yeah, END.


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