September 06, 2009

Vern's Bridal Performance

I gotta say, I feel kinda guilty that I hadn't helped out much for the preparation of this performance...
I only managed to attend the last practise, where Catherina(however her name is spelt), Lika and I were literally laughing the entire class (that was after the practise).
Things came up that made me unable to help the first 2-3 weeks.
I gotta say, this performance, I had all the bad luck happen to me.

First, I couldn't find a bottom to match my blouse (the one I bought with Lika in Padini).
Then, I couldn't find a shoe to match the outfit I was wearing. Mummy suggested a shoe. And I was wearing a skirt.
No comment. (At least, I'll try not to.)
In the end, I decided on wearing one of Ashley's old Bata sandals, which had a little heel.
Finding a bottom to match my blouse (the theme was 'Love Is In The Air' or something like that, so jeans were considered not very appropriate) had already made me a few minutes late (I was supposed to meet Lika in her studio at 8.30am), and finding an appropriate footwear (that was not torn or unappropriate) took a few other good minutes.
So I ended up reaching Lika's studio close to 9. >_>

I helped apply makeup on some of the girls, scrunch some of their hair up with hair gel.
Then after we left the studio and went to Mega (Irene, Jing Faye & Samantha sat my car, Xing Wei, Agnes & Esther in Lika's), as we were walking to the lift from the 2nd floor, I thought my sandal felt slightly looser.
Then as I went into the lift, it snapped.
My sandal, I mean.

I tried to fix it to the best of my ability when we entered the tent, but alas, it was beyond repair.
I couldn't even hobble around. I knew I had to go and buy a pair of sandals or I'd never be able to get around, let alone get back to my car later.
Again, I thought I could've at least made my way to the nearest shoe shop (which is De Silva, in front of the VCD shop on the way to the 2nd concourse), but I hadn't even gone past the ATM machines when I realised that I would never make it with my broken shoes.
Lika had offered me her heels at first, and I declined, for I didn't really fancy looking so tall, what with me not being used to heels and all.
But I had no choice now.
Unless I wanted to walk barefoot to the shoe shop (which would attract even more stares), I had to lend Lika's heels.

No thanks, of course, to Lika who announced a "Everyone move~ Giraffe coming through.." to everyone in the tent. xD
So yeah, I walked (more like hobbled, actually) to De Silva and started looking for sandals that would fit my outfit.
Turns out the one that did, didn't have it in a bigger size.
Damn my huge feet. ㅠㅠ
So I ended up spending the entire time in Mega in my new tight shoes, and almost getting a blister in my heel.
Thank goodness I keep some spare band-aid in my purse for emergencies like these.

Oh, and then we had to wait for Samantha's parents to fetch her too.
In that shoe, and only having Milo for breakfast, I swear I nearly died (ok, fine, so I'm overexaggerating).

But lady luck started being kinder to me when Lika and I made our way to Starbucks.
Caffeine was heaven.
I had a Mocha Frappucino, and it tasted so good. *________*

But overall, it was a great day because the kids were awesome.^^
We're all so proud of them, and some of them (Michelle, Irene, etc; those who were performing for the first time, including Xing Wei, although she's performed a lot already) were really nervous, but they all did well.

As always, I hadn't managed to get enough sleep the night before, and the mocha from this afternoon kept me awake till evening.
The caffeine has worn of now, and I'm starting to type in gibberish.
So I'd best end it here while I'm still coherent.

Oh, and some pictures from the performance... Taken by Donna, Sophia & Sonya's mother. I would post more pictures, but my internet hates me, so yeah.

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