October 16, 2009

Last Minute-ish Ms Chua Class

Ok, so today wasn't too bad.
I've experienced worse. xD

Class was meant to start at 2pm (2PM, jjang~ xD), but it started 15 minutes later.
And it did a lot of difference.
Within 15 minutes with Ms Chua, we could've already done half (or more) of barre work. So yeah, 15 minutes is precious. xD

The only thing I curse is that Ms Chua's class, twice already, had to fall on the day which was 'not my time of month', if you get my drift.
Yes, I got the dizzy spells again, and it seemed I need more iron.
Thankfully it wasn't as bad as before.

But for the most part of our class this time (which was about almost 30 minutes of our 2 1/2 hour class), we spent discussing things like our techniques and how to strengthen and improve them.
We also chatted a little about the Genee, and a tiny (not so tiny, actually) problem regarding the new Pre-Primary and Primary syllabus thingamajig.
The more senior dancers would probably get what I mean.

At the end of the class, the 3 of us discussed phones for a while before the Grade 3 class started, and Ms Chua left not long after.
As Michelle (or Couper, [not Miss Couper, just Couper] as Lika liked to call her,) came in the class, I casually asked if she missed me.
She said yes, and to my surprise, she hugged me. =B

Then came Grade 5, and Sayaka confessed to me that she hadn't practised her 'Hornbill'.
I stopped, looked at her with raised eyebrows, and repeated, "Hornbill?"
She went on to ramble about it, showing me the steps, when I stopped her and asked, "Do you mean Holubetz?"
That was it. The entire class burst into fits of laughter.
And as of today, Holubetz will be officially known as Sayaka's Hornbill Dance. xD

About nearly 5 hours later (almost 1am; now, to be exact), my brain is so exhausted and foggy I can't think straight.
Which explains this (rather) short post.

And I think I feel a cramp coming on too..

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