November 05, 2009

Here's to Happiness, & Everything That Goes With Dance.

Well I couldn't think of a better title. >_<

So something made me take my time today, as in to get ready and stuff. Because everytime I go around 4, Gino would be surely talking to Lika about her orders and whatnot for her students.
So instead, I went to the studio at about 4.30pm.
And when I looked in the studio, I saw Lika sitting on the chair at the teacher's table, and as I went in, she announced that he wasn't here.

And I was already clad in leotards and tights.
Oh well.

She was teaching Jian Yee and Betthany's Grade 3 class, so we just mostly sat and chatted.
It wasn't until Intermediate that we started having fun.

Out of the blue, Seow Hui started dancing and singing (though mumbling most of it,) to 'Nobody' by the Wonder Girls. The Korean version, I might add.

Behold the power of Kpop.


She said her cousin had taught her, saying that she HAD to learn it, because almost everyone knew the dance. xD
Well, JYP, I guess you did one thing right there. xD

And then Lika suggested we do that dance, wearing fishnet stockings, collared corset and a top hat, for her (still unconfirmed) mini-concert next year.
I'm not really digging the fishnet stockings idea, though. xD

I wish I could've stayed until all the classes were over, but I promised Ann I would see Jennifer's Body with her tonight, so I had to leave early.
I'll write a mini excerpt from that in my site ^^.

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