November 20, 2009

Thursdays Have Officially Been Deemed 'Penguin Day'.

Today had probably the nicest weather I could ever ask for.
It was raining the whole damn day. Photobucket
And if what Lika said was anything to live by, that for these 5 days it's gonna rain non-stop, then well.. Guess who's gonna pig up on sleep? Photobucket
If I had nothing to do the entire day, I would've been a huge couch bed potato and laze around in my room the whole day, eyes glued to my laptop screen.

If I had had to wake up for anything else other than ballet, I would've been either slightly grumpy or hypnotized by the welcoming view of my bed.

Yes, I'm even more lazy in cold weather, but so are you. (And don't you lie!)
So don't go telling me what a lazy ass I am. Photobucket

Anyway, I was late for class in the evening (morning classes are usually uneventful; it's the afternoon classes that pack some laughter).
No, I wasn't sleeping.
I just.. Lost track of time. xD

Ahem. Back to the story.
So seeing as the weather was cold (it's almost 1am and I still haven't turned on the air conditioner; can you believe it? xD) and my hair still wet from shower, I danced without tying my hair, and never broke a sweat.
Normally, I would've been perspiring by then.

Kathrina 'delighted' us with her penguin-y (word created courtesy of Lixian.. I think) ways again, because I never knew there was a penguin version for Sissonne and.. Petit Allegro, I think?

So you guessed it, Lixian came today, after what feels like lightyears of her dissapearance.
Gino called her..- uh, better not mention it here, for PG rating's sake. Photobucket
And during Grade 7, Kathrina danced along with Lixian and Tze Ping.

What a clever little penguin.

This time, with Jovian, doing Triple Runs.

Also, a video of said exercise:

That is all.

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