March 27, 2010


So after more than 3 months of not dancing, I finally visited the gym's dance studio with Rachel and DANCED! ^^

The studio opened at 10.45am on Saturdays, so we went there at about 11 something. As I reached the jaga house where I would meet Rachel, I realised that I hadn't brought my soft shoes. >_>
I sighed.
I had constantly reminded myself not to forget to put my shoes in my bag, and here I was doing the exact opposite.
Oh well. I'll have to do without my shoes then, I thought.

The moment we went in the gym, my eyes widened. The studio's 'walls' were all glass. In other words, the people working out in the gym could see what we were doing in the studio very clearly. I was a little hesitant; and so was Rachel.
I mean, everyone could see us dance from outside.

But then we thought, screw it, we came here to dance (and paid for entrance too), and that's exactly what we will do.
I searched my bag for my Intermediate CD that I took out this morning.
It was not in my bag.
And then I thought back that I had probably took the CD out of my drawer, but left it on the table in my haste.

So much for practising.

So anyways, Rachel and I ended up spending most of the first hour stretching; I hadn't been dancing for over 3 months, and it was showing slightly.
After we warmed up (and after many ways of trying to somehow get some music in the room - it didn't have a boombox), we finally decided to just use whatever music I had on my phone, and create our own steps to it.
Hey, at least we'd be dancing still!

At first we chose Christina Aguilera's Hurt, but the only dance that would suit it was either ballet or lyrical, and I'm absoloutely horrible at chereographing. I was thinking something along Grade 7's lyrical dance, but I threw that aside in the end.
We ended up going for Pixie Lott's Mama Do, and we combined both our ideas of ballet and modern.
And we ended up chereographing up to the first two verses in the chorus only.
We were clueless after that. xD

Then we spent a while in the gym exercising, then a little while more in the studio, me stretching again and Rachel exercising with those little dumbells.
By the end of 2 hours, I lost more than 60 calories.
Hey, at least it's something! ^^

My verdict?
We should do this every week!
What say you, Rach?^^

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