April 18, 2010

I'm Getting Old.

No wonder I felt as if something was missing.

I went to the gym's dance studio today and I forgot to blog! Seriously. =_="

Anyways. Rachel has gone back to Penang on Friday, so I went with Nesa, Ramesh, Ann & Min Ru. To be honest, I was quite skeptical about today, because I had the feeling that Ann & Nesa might cancel out at the last minute. But we went through.

Ann spent most of her time at the gym, so the entire dance studio was mine. Only thing was, apparently, the people there either have never seen ballet or they like to creep the hell outta me, because some of them were staring as I danced..- and made no attempt to hide it.
I brought my Intermediate CD and danced. Ann tried to follow a little of the barre work, and Min Ru joined me in stretching. Oh, and one thing I simply must mention: I'm THIS \___/ close to doing a split! \(^^)/
If I manage to go to the gym every week (or more, if possible), I should be able to do a split in maybe.. 2-3 weeks? ;D I promised myself I'd train in  my room as well. ^^

But yeah, it felt GREAT to be able to dance again. =)
And as the studio didn't really have any solid and/or big enough thingy to spot with, I was literally jay walking after pose turns. xD The room spinned, and I was walking like some drunk. xD

I didn't manage to take any pictures this time, but I plan to next week, with whoever I'm going with. ^^

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