August 16, 2010

Someone Spank Me.

Oh, and get your head outta the gutters, people! I don't mean it like that. ;p

I mean that in a way because I haven't been updating my dance blog.
Which means I haven't been dancing.
Properly, that is.

And, those of you who know me very well know how blur I can be, and how long it takes for the little brain of mine to process things.
Well, said 'little brain' has just realised something, now, almost 2 months after it happened.

I was reading through my posts in my other, more general blog (SGA), and I came across something that made me realise something.
In this post in SGA, I mentioned how I promised that I would join UTAR's Dance Club, first and foremost as a tribute to Mr Gino, and that I would not stop dancing.
Then months later, when I finally managed to join the Dance Club, I was elected Assistant Treasurer at the General Meeting.

Could it be, perhaps, Mr Gino's way of making sure that I kept my promise; that I would not stop dancing? Because although I am only the Assistant Treasurer, I'm still part of the committee nonetheless, meaning that I still have to attend 'meetings', and have a say in decisions made for the Dance Club.

I dunno, I may be thinking too much, and probably have made some of you sick with this whole 'Mr Gino thing'.
But it's just a thought.
And it's not impossible, is it not?

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