March 02, 2011

Scene List

Update on the dance drama thingy.

I'm 'casted' (can't find any other more appropriate word at the moment, so bear with me. I'm still blur from the meds I think) to dance in 3 scenes.

And to be truthful, even in my state (not completely recovered from food poisoning; I'm still a bit weak), I felt like I wanted to be in more scenes. Dance more. Heck, this feeling (of being weak) is only temporary. When I completely recover, I shouldn't have any problems, so yeah.
The more dances I'm in, the better. xD

On a sadder note, I haven't been able to get much dancing in lately either. I've been falling sick quite often this semester and I'm about 70% sure that it's because I haven't been getting enough rest. Plus, this semester's schedule leaves very little time to actually be dancing. So thank GOD for this dance drama.

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