November 13, 2008

Flashback of Ballet Concert 2008

So last Sunday I had to cover this Kesenian event at Taman Budaya.
Even as I drove up to the entrance, memories of the concert I had months ago came back to me.
As I entered the doors of Taman Budaya, it was as if a movie was being played in front of me.

This was where all of us stood, getting our last minute makeup on and waiting for more students to arrive.
Up there in the toilet was where Jovy and I put on our makeup, joined by Seow Hui, Chien Yi and the rest later on.

Then as I entered the hall, I looked around.
It looked different, yet so similar.

These were the chairs in which Lika had ordered the Hawaiian girls to sit quietly (to not much avail, of course..) while she went over who was yet to come.
Behind the VIP seats were where Lika, Chia Hern and I put on the remaining of our makeups on the 2nd day of concert.
It was also the same place and day that Chia Hern went into a hairspraying frenzy on my hair.

A lady had brought me in the hall, and said that my seat was in the front row, on the right side of the hall.
The same place where Mum, Dad and the rest sat when they watched the performance.

I looked at the stage in front.
The curtains were drawn, and just 8 months ago, it was us who were backstage, getting all fidgety and peeking behind the curtains to see how big the crowd was.

8 Months ago, that stage was ours.

It was there that we had our rehearsals, that very stage we tired ourselves out practising Mazurka De Salon.
It was because we were here that we had to go back at 11pm after the 3rd day of rehearsals.

I had to admit I felt a little overwhelmed at all these memories.
The places, it seemed like it was just yesterday that we were here, with everyone.
It seemed only days ago that I was less than 5 minutes late for the first day of rehearsals, and got repriminded by Gino.

It was 8 months ago that we took to the stage, giving our all for the 2-day performance.
8 Whole months since we were on that stage in front of me right now.
8 Months ago that I was doing the thing I had felt so passionately about all this years:


And I had the time of my life.

10 years ago, I was rather too young, maybe, to appreciate it.
But it did, however, leave a lasting impression on me that has stuck until today.

There is no better thrill that gets my heart pumping like performing.
Or to be exact, dancing.

Of course, given the opportunity, I would love to try something other than Ballet.
Modern, perhaps. Or Lyrical.
But given the circumstances (that there are not many dance classes here in Kuantan), I'm quite contented to sticking with Ballet at the moment.

Though I admit that I hadn't had this thought until later on in my life, I am now positive that it's all I ever want to do in life.
I live to dance.
It has become part of me, a part of who I am.
And it's something that I don't think will ever change.

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