November 18, 2008

Of Cute Ballerinas And Photo-Taking.

Last Saturday, I went over to Lika's studio (Carol Dance & Music Academy) to take some photos for the article that she wanted me to write.

I hadn't been there in quite a while.
Not since I stopped teaching for her there.
Without notice, actually.
Oops. Sorry Lika.. >____>
So I went there, and saw some familiar faces, and other new ones.
But we warmed up to each other soon enough.
And they were all really adorable, by the way.

So as the Pre-Primary class started, I began snapping.
And I got some nice pictures too. ^^
The kids were really nice to snap pics of. =)
On to the Pre-Primary Pic spammage:

*pokes Lika in the background* xD

Done. =3

So after that, we had Primary next.
Suzanne's class.
Their class was a little harder to get good pics of, because the exercises were not as expressive.

Picspam of the pics I managed to take:

Now on to the group pictures, the ones I'm most proud of. ^^

The little girl here is Iris. Probably the most adorable one in class. ^^ Ignore me. =.=

One of my favourites. ^^ Just because it's a candid shot, but it turned out really well. =)

When mini ballerinas attack. O.o xDDD!

That would be Yi Sing, Iris & me. Iris is such a camwhore. ^^ Whip out a camera, and she goes into posing mode. ;D

Whoops.. Now how did that get in here? *grins* xD Don't kill me bb. ♥♥

Suzanne & her sister, Iris.

The madwoman (I mean, teacher..) and her students. xD

I love this too. For some reason I love nice candid shots.. ^^

Iris & Yi Sing.

The ballet family(well, almost..)! l-r: Iris, me, Lika, Irene.

Well that's it for now.. ^^

And my first picspam. Woot.

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