November 27, 2008

My First Fangirly Post Here. HOMG.

Ok, first of all, on Monday (or was it technically Tuesday, since it was past midnight?) Li Xian a.k.a Jocelyn called me up and to invite me to watch Twilight on Thursday.
She's already told me before that we should go see it together on the first day, so I wasn't surprised.

Oh, and she was practically bouncing in the ballet studio on Wednesday. No kidding.
If life was a cartoon, she'd have all those squiggly little excited marks above her head.

I admit, I was rather reluctant at first, because watching the movie at 1.05pm would mean I had to rush back once it's over to get ready for class at 3.45pm.
But then Li Xian told me that Lika would be coming, so I thought 'Hey, at least I won't be the only one late'.
So I agreed.
Besides, going out with my girls would be nice.

I had a little idea what the movie was about from the amount of fangirling and pics that Li Xian had done in her blog, but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, had prepared me for what was to come.

IT WAS SUPER.FRICKIN.AWESOME. *squee*squee* *flail*flail* >0<
It's almost a crime.
How can one movie possibly have so many gorgeous guys acting in it??!

I sort of expected it to be the usual 'girl falls in love with vampire, vampy turns her into a she-vampy out of love (though refusing to at first)', and they both live happily ever after in their blood-sucking immortal lives.
After going through some obstacles, of course.

But really, I think the entire cinema fell under Edward's spell, because it was filled with murmurs the moment the Cullens entered the school cafeteria.

Words cannot possibly express my fangirly joy at the moment.
And HOMG, who knew vampires (or the 'Cold Ones') were so goddamn romantic?

"You are my life now.."
"You're like my very own brand of cocaine."


*meltsmelts drooldrool* =Q________
Those quotes don't even come anywhere near to describing just how romantic it sounded coming from Rob.

Guuuhhhh now why can't I get a bloody boyfriend like that??!! ;___;
If dating a vampire is what it takes, hell, I'm gonna be on the next flight to Translvannia (or Fork. xDD )

Honestly, Li Xian can even be forgiven for her squeeings and fangirlings in the cinema.
I think I would be doing the same if I watched it again. =3

Lika & I were practically gushing in the car (I had to send her home), resulting in me making two wrong turns when sending her home. =.="
And here I am in my room, almost wishing that Edward would burst in through my window.

I think I'm falling for Rob.
No, wait.. It might just be Edward Cullen.
Or not.

LI XIAN~!!!! You evil Twilight-Converter! *_____*

Now I'm planning to buy the book.
When I do have the money.

All I can say is, Stephanie Meyers, look forward to being RM 33 richer.

P/S: Yes, this counts as a dance entry, because I went with my ballet girlfriends.
Yes, it counts. Shutup. =3


  1. OMG! Where the hell did you get the layout? Lol. I don't wanna 'spazz' together. I wanna do it ALONE. More personal ma... Ish- Haha.

  2. LOL. Hmm.. True.. You can spazz more & better when you watch alone.. xDD
    Hahahaha! You changed your layout too! ^^ I got mine from here:
    There's TONS of cute layouts. Just search for Twilight. ;DD