February 27, 2009

Well, guh.

I wanted to update yesterday.
Really, I did, but I was SO.DAMN.TIRED.
Because I rarely had time to rest today (or rarely had time to even register rest, whichever you prefer), mainly because of my morning class.

I'm so not a morning person.
Even more so when it's raining.
On days like these, heck, I won't even be an afternoon person.

Gino had some stomach ache that was really killing him (metaphorically, of course), so Lika and I (more so Lika) had to take over the other classes.

We didn't dance for our 5.30 class (how'd you guess? xD), instead Seow Hui, Lika and I sat around Gino's desk in the studio and munched on some tidbits while chatting.
And I wonder why I'm so fat. *Dies*

After that was Grade 4, Jovian, Megan, Chrystal,(I swear it's the correct spelling this time. Honest.) Qian Li & Sayaka's class.
Lika taught that for a while, then had to bring Gino to the pharmacist, so I had to take over the class.
And this is what happened.

Spot the odd one out. xD
Yup, Seow Hui joined the Grade 4 class.
(Background correction vocals by Lika. xD This was before Lika left, though.)

Everyone was laughing, and it didn't help that I encouraged more laughter too. xD
It was a fun class, mostly brought on by the fact that Gino wasn't here.
Just as they were about to start their Character though, Gino & Lika came back.
So Lika took over the class, and she was less playful than usual with their class.
Still, I asked her to help me record the reverance, and well, Guess who makes an appearence again. =.=
Just.. Ignore the last 6 secs of the video. Dx

But I guess the thing I look forward to most on Thursdays now are Grade 7.
Gino decided to teach the Intermediate girls Grade 7 as well, so those who can't seem to catch up on Intermediate will at least have Grade 7 to fall back to.

I love Grade 7. ^^
Slightly tiring, but still. ;D
Gino seemed well enough to teach Grade 7.
Or maybe it's because of a certain someone, whom he knows will create hell if he wasn't there to teach.
Just an assumption, though. =3

Oh, and something I found out today: Lika looks scary when she's trying not to combust. 0.0
Not gonna say more, but.. yeah.
She looked like she was gonna murder someone or something. *Gulps*

And for the first time, I taught Sharnita.
Random. Yeah.

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