March 03, 2009

Pic/Video Spam! ^^

Since I went to ballet but I have nothing much to write about, I shall leave you with a mini picspam and some video spam! ^^

Left: Samantha, Blue Leo: Loi En, Right: Kai Li.

The reason why all the pics have Samantha in it: She's too bloody adorable. xD
And one of the best dancers in the class too. One who actually seriously listens to instructions and does it.

And now to the videos:

I love the scarve dances, regardless what grade.. ^^

Samantha is SO cute. Honestly.

Waaahhh, I missed seeing this class! T__T
It's the first class Lika & I ever taught, and I remember when they first started out.. They were such tiny munchkins.. xD
And they're all so grown up now.. ^^

No surprises, Xing Wei is the best in the class. ^^
It shows when you love dancing, ne?
Best dancers: Xing Wei, Jo Ee, Mei Ling.

Yup, that's it for now..

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