March 10, 2009

Ms Chua

Both my leg joint hurts.
And I feel so goddamn tired. X.x
I feel my eyes drooping as we speak, and it doesn't help that I haven't had proper rest since this morning. Guhh.

Ms Chua came to teach today, and we all know what that means.

1. No drinking water in her class - she believes against it, and that we can only drink after class.

2. Exercises to the extreme. If you can't get an exercise, she'll make you do it until you do. Even if it means repeating the dance more than 5 times. @____@

Don't get me wrong though. Ms Chua is a great person, with great English to boot, unlike the Kuantan ballerinas here. >__>
But if she's gonna teach you, you can be sure that that class is gonna be all work and no fooling around.
Not that she's dead fierce/strict, just that she's a firm believer that you've gotta do your work properly in class.

Needless to say, I felt dehydrated after class.
Lika & Seow Hui managed to sneak a few sips when Ms Chua had her back turned and was talking to Gino, but I arrived at my bottle a little too late. Dx
I swore my tongue/mouth actually dried up.

Of course, my legs and 'mussels' (as Lika put it anyway,) felt really sore.
And it didn't help that I played 5 rounds of Paintball the day before either. (Blame Niki for persuading me in the first place!)
Though it wasn't nearly as bad as that day in Terengganu with Shu Cia (and then it was 3 hours, this time was 2), but I still felt poofed out.

And it didn't help that Gino asked us to come again at 2.30pm to mark the steps for fear that we'd forgot if we left it until Wednesday.

My leg joints still hurt as of now, and I'm doubting if it will fully recover by Wednesday.

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