March 04, 2009


Lika messaged me this afternoon, telling me that Sayaka wasn't coming for class (she's back in Taiwan for some 'family matters'), and that Gino wanted us to dance today.
We don't actually have a class on Wednesdays, just that we go to the studio and 'help out', if you can call it that.
So anyways, according to Lika Gino had asked us to come in place of Sayaka's class and do Grade 7 at 4.15pm.

But as it turned out, Gino let Charnita's class stretch to take Sayaka's class as well.
So we didn't dance.
Instead, we just marked the steps during Lixian and Qian Wen's class, because they both weren't coming (Qian Wen-fever, Lixian-Jason Mraz concert).

Then came the Intermediate class.
Gino has it in for poor Seow Hui, and she got repriminded by him a few times too many.

What I have to complain about is....
I have to take tomorrow's grade 7 class and teach them! =.=
It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for Teapot Girl (not mentioning real names here, lol xD).
I have nothing against her, it's just that she can be so.. rude sometimes.

And she'll step over you if you're not firm with her.
I'm always looking forward to dancing grade 7 on Thursdays, but to teach Teapot?

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