April 10, 2009

Another Thursday When Gino isn't Around..

I arrived in the studio in the middle of Grade 2's class.
I played around with Lika's new phone, and it was quite nice, save the small keypad. It's not even 1cm wide.. =.=

Then, the genius that is Lika came up with a new name for David Archuleta & David Cook.
And lemme just say that it's not for the innocent-minded. xD
We cracked up a good deal at it. Jovian's answer to our questions didn't help either.
The poor innocent girl, she must be wondering why we were cracking up like idiots over her honest, normal answer.. Rofl. xDD
Qian Li's work is getting better too, good for her. And she, along with Chrystal were the only two hardworking ones in Grade 4.. Megan, Jovian and Sayaka were complete chaos.
BUUUTTTTT.. After class, Qian Li resumed her title as Class Chatterbox. xD

Everyone was asking Lika and I random riddles after class, some which gave the impression of 'well duh,' others, a few blank stares.
Mostly the blank stares ones came from none other than Chatterbox herself.
Especially her 'Sound Effect-filled' Pink Panther one. Uh.. huh?

For Grade 7, only Tze Ping came, so we spent it chatting, and me - sending some of her phone games to mine.
Highlight of the time? Tze Ping's reaction at Lucky's videos.
She spazzed.
No, more like squealed. I mean literally squealed.
With the leg shaking and all.
That funny woman. xD

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