April 23, 2009

*Insert Insane Laughter Here*

Because seriously, that's exactly what today was made up of.
Since Intermediate, Lika has been cracking up, wether she being the cause of it or otherwise.
The major laugh began when Lika brought up my 'feet & foot' issue to anyone who would listen. Photobucket
Then Chia Hern began by saying stuff like "Your top teeth is called tooth, and your lower teeth is called teeth."
Which I answered, "I have a row of teeths and one row of toothes!"
And trust me, if there were ice beneath our feet, we would have cracked it by then and drowned.
Seriously. Photobucket
We were all laughing SO.DAMN.HARD.

The laughter this time around was contagious and incurable, because the next thing we knew, we were cracking Inter Found, Grade 2, and Primary up as well.
Poor Sonya, who had a cough, even had to go to the bathroom because she was laughing too much, which in turn made her cough more, and as we found out later, she vomitted.

I can't explain in detail exactly what happened to make us crack up so much today, because even if I did, it would'nt be nearly as funny as witnessing and hearing it for yourselves.
But I'll just mention short recaps of the incidents..:

Lika constantly reminding Chia Hern to 'suck in her butt', as a result of Ms Chua's Technical teaching yesterday.
No one was in a mood to dance (except maybe Ice), so Chia Hern very blatantly told Lika to shaddap. Photobucket
Then we began talking about our experiences yesterday, to much hilarity.
We (Chia Hern, Lika & I) also practised Ballonnes Composes, seeing as that was the dance that I sat out yesterday.

Then came Inter Found, and we got Jermaine laughing real hard.
Well, Lika, actually.
She seemed to be possessed with the spirit of 'Chia Hoon'. Photobucket
And she gave us some chewing gum, to which the innocent enough conversation took a corrupted turn courtesy of Lika.
Jermaine remained innocent. She had no idea what kind of 'blow' Lika meant, having only thinking of 'bubble/chewing gum blowing'. xD

After that was Grade 2, and Misaki seemed to catch the 'virus' the moment she stepped in the studio.
Then it 'infected' Michelle too.
And soon the entire class.
Proof? I give you....~
Misaki The Dinosaur.

It's the first time I've seen Misaki & Michelle so playful in class. Photobucket
And when they did Exercise For Relaxation, Misaki had a puffer fish face. No one knows why.

And just because I think that Michelle's style in holding her skirt during Rythm is nice..

Then there was Primary.
Sonya, Sophia, Miu Yean and Kai Li were giggling throughout class.
And of course you know Sonya's story.
When Lika asked Kai Li and Samantha not to dance so fast like Micheal Schumacher, Sonya burst out laughing.

My cheeks hurt from laughing so much..~ Photobucket

Misaki & Michelle.

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