May 07, 2009

I hear Thundeerrrr.. Lightning..~!

Because really, it was raining so heavily early this (or should I say, yesterday) evening.
Leaves were flying, and we were getting splashed with sprays of rain although we weren't even out on the road.
Lika and I had come down from the studio because she had wanted to go check her eyesight, and at the same time, Sayaka and Keiko were just about to go back.
From the stairs, it was just a slightly heavy drizzle, but the moment we touched the ground, the rain got so heavy, you'd be crazy to drive in that weather.
It's as though the weather is trying to tell us something. Photobucket

As we made our way to the far end of the pathway, a bright lightning stroke, all 4 of us flinched, then screamed when a terribly loud thunder sounded.
Poor Keiko had to run to her MPV in the rain, to drive it up as near as possible to the pathway for Sayaka to get in.
Even the Car-Air-Cond auntie took cover with us as one of the customers drove away. Photobucket

Anyhow, I still love the rain. Photobucket
No particular reason, other than it makes a really hot day cooler, and being the bloody sweating ox (not really, I'm actually a dragon. Photobucket) that I am, I love not sweating.
I'll love it especially more if sweating didn't mean you were burning fat. Photobucket

Oh, that, and we did pointe work with the Inter girls today.
And taught them Adv 1's pose. =)

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