May 31, 2009

Anyone Miss Me? xD

Um yeah, thought so. xD

So sorry I haven't been updating lately~!
My latop has been in the 'hospital', so I couldn't actually update since all my files are in my hard drive.. which is with the repair guy.

But not to worry, you didn't miss anything.
Nothing interesting or worth mentioning happened in those weeks, unless you count the hilarity that ensued in the new Grade 5 class.
Which, to be honest, is perfectly normal.
For those kids, anyway. xD

So, shall I leave you to a mini media spam? ^^

Lika asking the new Grade 1 to 'suck in their backside'. In a very un-Ms Chua-ish way. xD

Not bad.. *Nods head*

Their 2nd attempt at Plie. Not bad, actually. xD

Now this is where the mistake starts. xD WRONG.MUSIC. And they still can dance to it. xD Almost died laughing, Lika & I did.

This time, with the right music. But Chrystal still couldn't quite get it right. *Sighs* Mini me is really like me. xD Oh, and ignore the voice. Yup, it's me. =.=

She was posing looking at Lika's phone.


Oh, and one more thing.. Like haaayyyy, I got me our performance footage! n_n



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