May 13, 2009

Emo Post, HOMG.

What is wrong with this wondering heart?
The same one that used to be so guarded; has now been let down, defenseless.
What remains of the chains that bound - gone, dissolved into the moment.

It is no different,
Yet it differs in so many ways
I know better,
But right now my heart knows..

The distance should be palpable..
A barrier, impossible to cross as wished
But the ignorant me..
The naive, foolish me
Is unable to fathom that fact.

Who am I to question fate?
The cards are laid out in complexity in front of me..
But I can't read it; I don't know how to.

Are you even aware?
The damage is done
The mark permanent, unwavering
Forever bound to the one that was never meant to wish this much.

Can you hear me now?

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