May 12, 2009

PDA (Premier Dance Academy)'s Ballet Exam 2009

So yeah, it started off quite early..
I arrived at nearly 10, and when I did, Lika told me that the 2nd exam had already started. Photobucket
And she told me that the exam supposed to start at 9.30.
It started early, she said, and things were going 'too smoothly'.
But that hardly counted as a bad thing, of course.

I went to the studio armed with my camera.
I was determined to get some good shots of the exam girls, since I rarely had the chance to take a picture of them dressed up to their best and looking presentable.

I did get a few nice group shots (and even one with Gino), and some not-so-subtle Gino-Camwhore moments. Photobucket

However, the majority of the pictures I ended up taking were either candid, not-so-ballerina-ish poses, or just of us having fun.
So much for presentable group shots. Photobucket

As with last year, Lika, Tze Ping and I went down to Medan Selera to have lunch during the examiner's lunch break (in which Lika and I had gone to MS earlier to buy some side dishes and rice for the examiner's lunch).
We had Thai food, and it wasn't so bad. Photobucket
We had fun chatting and catching up with Tze Ping on anything and everything that happened in the exam room - how the students' reaction was, and certain things the examiner said or did.

It was a really long day (even more so for Lika and I as we had to bring examiner Ms (Cathrine/Katherine)Atkinson out for a drink after the exam, to kill time till her flight), but it was fun.

I would post the pictures here myself, but there are too many and it would kill me to upload them all in Blogger, so I've uploaded them in my Photobucket for your viewing pleasure. Photobucket
Uh, yeah.. Ignore that random emoticon.

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