July 26, 2009

The Reason Why I Love Kids & Dancing.

Today was a hell load of emotions all in one.

First, Lika was pissed that some students took forever to learn the simple steps for the Hawaiian Dance.
Then Luvena fell down from her chair while eating some snacks that a parent prepared for the students (how she fell is beyond me, although Gina had said that she toppled down from her chair), and at first cried because she said it hurt.
But when she stopped crying, Branice or Agnes said out loud, "Teacher, got blood!" and the whole crying marathon began again.
This time Luvena kept insisting that she wanted her mother, and we left her outside with Jing Faye's mother for quite a while before she (Jing Faye's mum) popped her head in the studio saying that Luvena would not stop crying and kept asking for her mother.

In short, I managed to coax Luvena to come back into the studio and made her river of tears stop flowing.
Thank goodness.

After that, Lika seemed to be running for class clown or something, because she sort of 'blackmailed' the students with her container of sweets, asking who was pretty, her or me.
So in other words, I got demoted to 'ugly', and Lika literally looked like the prettiest teacher in the world. T_T
But it was all in good fun, the class was roaring with laughter at the antics of all the 'adults', in other words Lika, her mother, me, and Jing Faye's mother.

By this time, Luvena had officially stopped crying completely, and was her usual self again.
Also helped by the fact that Lika would constantly ask Luvena & Branice who was the ugliest amongst the kids, to which both would always point at Jing Faye.
That's how the joke started.
I became in the 'ugly' gang with Jing Faye, to everyone's hilarity.

And because everytime someone admits that Lika was pretty, they'd get sweets, Luvena would exaggerate and keep praising Lika.
So needless to say she had the most sweets. Lol.
Luvena would say things to Lika like "Teacher, you are the prettiest. She (pointing to me) is ugly." Which caused the entire studio to burst into laughter.

So to summarize things up, this is where Lika & I stand at the end of the day:

  • Lika is pretty but not sexy. (Luvena)

  • Lika is pretty everyday (Luvena)

  • I am sexy but ugly. (Luvena)

  • I'm funny and naughty (Gina)

  • "Teacher, you very funny la..~"(Gina to me)

We all had a good laugh today, the atmosphere was really pleasant.
Lika had also made the kids try a partner step for the Sway dance (under my suggestion), and they were all over the place, or in Lika's words (I quote), "Banging nen-nens." xD

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