December 04, 2009

Another Lazy Post.

I really, really should be researching the Bridal Fair event and writing my report instead of blogging. Seriously.
But the 'power' of blogging can just be too darned tempting. >_<

I would have updated yesterday, but as I was prone to doing, I got so sleepy that I slept in front of my laptop, and when I woke up (which was around 2AM[FTW! xD] something), I felt too lazy to update. It's a 'virus' I've been having lately; lazy.
And I know as well as everyone else that I really shouldn't. >_>

Yesterday, though, Lika had conveniently forgotten to tell me that Gino wouldn't be here this week. Sick again, it seems.
I suspected that much when I was greeted with darkness and desertion in the studio as I went up.
My first guess was that Gino and Lika might be at Snipx buying dog food for Gino's dog. But then common sense hit me and I realised that if they had gone down to Snipx, I was sure either of them wouldn't need to turn off the entire studio's electricity; and then there's the other logic that he could've asked Lika to go down for him.

Which just proves how smart my 'in-the-moment' intuition can be.  Photobucket

When I called Lika for clarification and asked where she was, my final guess was confirmed. Gino had called in sick and was not coming this week. When I complained that she hadn't told me, she replied with a  "I thought you knew? I posted it in Facebook!"

Uh, ohkayy, Lika.  Photobucket

Then during her class, Bethany told us something about a sort of live comedy skit (of some sort, I think?) in Scotland involving a few men wearing kilts, then tearing them off one another only to reveal their British Flag-printed undies. xD

One thing we (Lika & I) like to do in class though, is twist the pronunciation of the ballet terms. Because the terms are in French, the pronunciation can be totally different from the spelling. For example, Pas De Chat is pronounced 'Pa-The-Sha'. But we like to pronounce it as the spelling suggests.
So during Grade 3, Lika had one of those moments and asked the students to do 'pass-the-chart'.
The 'senior' students (aka Joe Yee, Jean, etc) were used to Lika's pronunciation by now and went to places almost lazily, while the newer ones (Misaki, Cassandra & Michelle) looked at each other in confusion and asked, puzzled; "... Pass the chart? (or, as Misaki heard it, "Pass the tart.")"
And it cracked Lika up so much that she began mumbling other mispronunciations and laughing so hard, her face turned red, in turn cracking ME up.
The students (the new 'uns, I mean) probably thought she had gone crazy. I had thought that I saw their faces, although smiling, showed a little concern in it for her sanity. xD

But we had the most laughs during Primary. In fact, everyone was more cheerful and less stressed when Gino isn't around, even if he's joking and all.

And then today, I went to the studio after going to the office (in which, not long after arriving at the studio, I realised that I had only put the pictures in the folder and completely forgotten to send it in; which was the main reason I went to the office in the first place), so I was clad in my Jefferson shirt and jeans.

(OH, and did I mention I got my 2PM 1:59PM CD today? [Ok, technically it was yesterday, since it's waaayyy past 12am now, lol, but still.] *squee* xD)

 Yup, that's my man Jjit-Taec over there. xDD

 The boy abused the 'ㅋㅋㅋ' and '하하하' characters in his Thank You speech. Oh Chansung.. xD

The drillings in the next building almost drove me to insanity; I swear I could've screamed in frustration. Photobucket You couldn't hear anything else; just the loud drilling and the occasional vibration.
You couldn't even hear what the other person was saying; it was like being at a rock concert or something, only more... annoying. 

Thankfully, they had to stop at around 6pm, so we had peace then.
We did have fun and all, especially with Penguin as always, though she stayed until quite late today. She was still here when Grade 4 started, but she went back not long after.
We spent the entire Grade 7 class talking, mostly to Tze Ping about her ballet Grades, because she said she wanted to do Advanced 1 with us too.
It started when Lika asked her if she could come for extra class, since it's the holidays (She's taking her SPM, but still) and she should be able to come for more than one class.

But what was really surprising was that the atmosphere during Grade 4 wasn't as glum as it normally was.
Lika was cheerful towards them today and didn't pick (I mean correct, xD) on En Yi as much as she normally does.

That being said, I'd better hit the sack, otherwise I'd look like a zombie (2PMMMMMM~! xD).
Without makeup. 

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