December 10, 2009

Gino Speak Thai.

Lo and behold, Not only does he speak Japanese, Chinese, English, Malay and Portuguese (VERY little Japanese, Chinese and Malay though, xD), turns out he speaks Thai too, as we found out today.


Ok fine, so he doesn't speak proper Thai.
He speaks Gibberish Thai. xD
It's composed of random Thai-sounding mumblings to make it sound as if he's speaking Thai. I wonder what Nickhun would think if he heard the gibberish coming out of that old man's mouth. xDD
Probably facepalm silently. xD

For the most part though, the fashion in which he dragged pronunciations at the end of the sentence had Lika and I cracking up like mad.
So no surprises there when I laughed till my tears came out.

As if that wasn't enough, Lika began speaking in Japanese to Michelle all of a sudden, leaving poor Michelle confused.
But then again, all Lika ever said was 'お元気ですか?' and 'わかりません' (which she translated to "Wah, kari masin~" xD) and that was with help too. Lol. x]
Of course, I just had to turn the poor, innocent sentence ('お元気ですか?') into something.. Not so innocent. orgasm desu ka? xDD

And then, history also repeats itself, like how it does everytime a new Grade 6 enters the picture.
The scarf dances.
The students would at least have to get a good scolding every now and then, and this time was not different.
Oh, and I had to fetch Ashley at the beach halfway through ballet (during Intermediate), because mum was asleep. =_=
On the plus side, Lika hopped on my car as well and bought McDonalds as I waited for Ashley.

This entry will be a short one; it's already almost 6am, and I've got class in around 3 hour's time. >_>

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