December 18, 2009

New Ballet Diagnosis Discovered.

After almost an hour of pointe work, the 'special' students of Premier Dance Academy has discovered a common visible, energy-draining side effect to the Medulla Oblongata.

The dialysis is called Post-Pointe Syndrome (PPS). The symptoms include:

~Weak and shaky leg muscles
~Temporary (or permanent) insanity [varies in different people]
~Excessive laughter for no apparent reason
~Blurting out random phrases/words
~Loss of energy and/or enthusiasm
~The Leaning Tower of Pisa Effect; in other words, slant-walking (due to imbalance of toes)
~The ability to do double pirouettes and fouettes (applies to penguins only)

Symptoms may vary in individuals depending how serious the PPS is.

One of the reasons for PPS is the excessive weight one's toes would have to bear. Straining (especially placing your body's weight purely on your toes) in general strains the brain, thus triggering these side effects.

(Are we geniuses or what? xD)

That is all.

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