June 27, 2010

A Reason To Smile, A Reason To Cry.

I had a great time in the studio today with Ann & Edward. We stayed there for almost 3 hours.

The thing about dancers are, as I found out, they can get ballet in a fair amount of time, because of their dancing background. Regardless of what dance they've done, it's still dancing either way, so from what I've seen, they only have a little trouble getting used to the positions and steps. Max & Edward are perfect examples.

But anyways, we all had a good laugh today. Edward was really diligent; he practised classical walks till he got it right, pirouettes, and pose. He was very disciplined too. I  liked that.

The 3 of us teased each other a lot. Ann was in the corner of the studio with the yoga mat, working out. I was teaching Edward ballet. It was quite hilarious, actually. xD And I don't mean that in a bad way, love. xDD

But like everything else, happiness also has it drawbacks: a pool of tears later.
Min Ru & I broke up.
Can't say I didn't see it coming to be honest, though. Still, it hurt nonetheless.

But I'm ok now, and life goes on. Besides, there's the retail therapy to look forward to in a few hours! ^^
You're a genius for suggesting it in the first place, Rachel! =D

Oh, and quote of the day:

"A good dancer can dance anywhere; 
(he) just blends their body in with the environment. "


  1. Believe me, it will pass like what I had experience 2 months ago...but sadly, I still miss her...

    Just suck it up and move on...

    If you need to talk, just give me a ring...I'm all ears...

  2. Thanks Jacky~^^ I appreciate it.. But yeah, you're right. Life goes on.^^