July 30, 2010

Even with my involvement in the dance club...

I can't help missing ballet.
I'm not being ungrateful here. I love that I have a studio to practise in here, and that I can go whenever I want to dance.
But it's not the same, you know?

I miss going for class.
Classes that involve me and my group of friends (LIKA~ I MISS DANCING WITH YOU Photobucket) dancing, and having a proper teacher (I'm not saying you student dancers are bad, honestly. Heck, I'll be one of you next semester!) teaching at the front. I haven't had a proper ballet lesson in ages that I fear that my techniques/footwork are all deteriorating. It's been more than half a year that I'm in university now. And for almost 8 months, I haven't been having proper lessons at all.

I want to dance again.

I want to go for classes with Lika, Seow Hui and the rest, and dance for hours and complain about our aching bodies together after class.
I want to feel the ache that comes with a good ballet class again.
I want to go to KL for a one-day class; get excited when I'm on the way to KL, then feel so tired and poofed and sweaty that I start feeling thankful that we're going back when we're in the bus back.

Everytime I watch videos in YouTube of ballet classes, I get glazy-eyed.
Sure, there's always Ms Tham, and even Ms Chua (*shudders*), but nothing can replace Mr Gino's method of teaching. HIs dirty jokes. His 'Classical Thai'. His singing.
I'm not saying that he's the best in the world. He has his faults, but still.

Is there a ballet class anywhere in Kampar?


  1. lika magrita lee31 July 2010 at 10:29

    i miss dancing with u too darling!

  2. Come la, I drag you here.. There are actually quite a few people who wants to learn ballet here you know~ Hahaha