December 16, 2010

It's Been A While.

But I still do cry at the thought of you.
I'll never forget that call I received on February the 10th... The call that would somewhat change my life.

Whenever I feel upset or need guidance, my heart sinks at the thought that you are not around. At times when I need advice; be it on dance or life in general, I no longer have anyone close to turn to. You always had a way with words.. And a way with names. Haha.

The thing that still never fails to make me cry is the fact that you referred Lika and I as  your 'daughters', and we never found out until after you were gone. Lika had to find it out from Norma, and when she told me, I was out with some friends having dinner. I will never forget that moment either; I had to try so hard not to cry there and then. I couldn't talk for a while, and some tears actually surfaced at that time, but I hurriedly wiped them before they could fall.

Everytime I hear Kiss The Rain, I think of you. Is it foolish, then, that whenever I hear that song, somehow I think that you're giving me a sign that you're watching over me?

And the other day, when I saw that beautiful rainbow in Kampar.. Days after I asked you for a sign.. Would it be foolish if I believed that it was really you giving me a sign; a symbol of hope, maybe?

Anyways, I'm determined to learn KTR on the piano, no matter how long it takes me.
So I can play it whenever I feel like it, and somehow, I know when I do, I will feel a sort of attachment to it; to you.

I still miss you. And I know for a fact that Lika does too.

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