December 18, 2008

And today..

I'll be honest, nothing much happened today.
Just the usual jokings and whatnot.

But I came today to see Lika's friend, TimTam-Something (it's a Thailannese name, I can't remember!) playing the piano while Misaki danced. And she played for Jovian, Crystal (yes, I've misspelled her name all this while. Don't expect me to go back all the entries and correct it though. I'm too lazy to) and Sayaka's class too.

Oh, and turns out Lydia knows Burney too.
*Smacks forehead* How could she not? Her cousin is Melody after all..

Anyways, on to the videos..

Pivot Turns. Oh how I used to suck at it.. *shudders*
On the other hand, Jovian's "Eurgh!" at the end was just.. xDD!!

Sorry it's to the side.. Uh.. My bad. =p

I like Grade 4's Reverance. ^^

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