December 18, 2008

Because of The Last Post..

Because the last post made me think back and reminisce about the past, when me and my girls had to go to Taipan, KL, for Grade 8.
That was probably my first and last exam I'll take it in KL. *sniff*
I've just been taking classes since my group all left for their studies.

So I decided to make a tribute post of the videos I had taken during that time.
And also throw in whatever ballet videos that have impressed me.
So yeah, I guess you could say that this is a video post.

I'll explain about the videos as I go along.
Oh, and forgive the bad quality of the video, I recorded it on some cheap 'Bonuslink exchanged' camcorder..

1. The first one is before the exam, there was another class (can't remember what grade) that were having their exam before us (which would explain the out-of-place looking girl in red leotard and character skirt somewhere along the video), and after that would be the luch break. So this was what we did.

2. My parents were there with me for the exam. And due to anxiety, none of us had eaten/wanted to eat before our exam for fear that we couldn't dance properly. My mother though, would have none of that, saying that we'd better at least have something light before dancing. So she had my dad go down to buy a bun and a bottle of juice for everyone.
(The studio was upstairs, and downstairs of the studio was Taipan, and it had all kinds of foodstores and whatnot.)

3. Then just before their exam, Alithea decided to do a (really) short 'interview' of Terina.

In case you couldn't catch what she was saying, here's the caption:
Alithea: Ok Terina, how are you feeling right now?
Terina: I'm feeling very fine.. *bursts out laughing*
Alithea: Oh really?

4. And the last one: During the exam, Alithea was dancing in the exam room, Terina & Naomi were talking to each other, and Brenda was fumbling in her bag before fishing out her digital cam and doing something to it. Oh, and Gino makes an appearance. ^^

And then there was a video tribute that I made, consisting of all the videos you saw, plus some pictures I took that day.
In case you don't want to see a repeat of the videos (and to save space), I'll post the link to the video instead, so you can go see it only if you want to. =3

Ballet Memories

And then there's this video, also a flashback one, that I find carries somewhat the same message that I was trying to convey in my tribute (if not better):

It's so nice to travel with your friends ne?

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

That girl is in Grade 5.
And look at her developpe and technique! O.O
She's GOOD. Sort of embarassing really, for someone like me.. T__T

You know what? I think I'll stop here.. Before I eat everyone's bandwidth.. =3

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