December 18, 2008

Gino Is Not Here This Week And..

Hmm.. Let's see.. Apart from Lika's usual boob-grabbing on everyone (and a close attempt on me, wtf),  yesterday was.. slightly boring.

Lika also showed me Fouettes Ronds De Jambe En Tournant, which she learnt from Youtube. And well, let's just say that at least we didn't have to do triple pirouettes in one go.
I haven't exactly tried it out yet, partly because practially the entire Intermediate class were watching as Lika gave me a short demo on how it was.

That, and at home, I would've swept a lot of things off tables and such if I were to try that in my room.

But I think Lika was talking about this video though:

P/S: LOL at the girl in the back, waving and all. xDD!

If she was, then.. Well.. I guess I have to work hard. Very hard.
Wai does my work have to be so weak? T___T (Especially pirouettes & pointe work??)

And while I was browsing Youtube for RAD videos, Guess what I found?

F.A.B! Intermediate girls and Lixian, you should know this! ^^

Ah.. I still remember this post on F.A.B.. ^^

Anyways, back to yesterday's events.

We were both looking at the syllabus book after finding out about the Fouette, and there was an exercise called Chaines (sha-nay), but we didn't know how to do that.
So Lika made up her own syllabus.
And it involved swinging invisible 'chains' first from your right hand, then left, then both, and continued by swinging 'chains' from other parts of your body.
Of course, we (I) didn't act out the 'other parts'.
I'll leave that for you to imagine.

We even put on the music, got ready our invisible chains, and began 'swinging' them in time to the music.
By the time we finished swinging the two 'chains' at once, we were too doubled up laughing to continue.
Too bad we didn't get a video of that. Or not.

I didn't get to take much videos & pics, and even those I took were mostly everyone fooling around.
And attempting to do pointe work. xD

Don't ask. I dunno what she was trying to imply either. xD

Tze Ping modelling Lika's bag.

Um.. Couru anyone? =p

Chia Hern mimicking Seow Hui's Couru. xD

Hah! Didn't think I'd leave this out didja? xD

Apparently, Jermaine found Lika hilarious. xD

Jocelyn & Jermaine. Loving sisters y/y? xD

And now to the videos! ^^

Now how can I get an arch like Tze Ping's? *___*

P/S: No idea why Chia Hern was smilling throughout the entire video. xD

Aaaannndddd... Lika makes an appearence!

And of course, the goofy-ness that is our senior students. xD

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