June 11, 2011

Ok Go On, Let Me Hear It..

Tell me how lazy I am for not updating so long and for not dancing for so long.
Shame on me. *clicks tongue*

Today marked the first practice of the semester, although the one thing I disagree most about it is that, as it is, it remains the first practice of the semester. And our show is the end of this month. I would have preferred if we had more time to practice though. Perfect our dances and brush up our steps.

But that aside, it was a fun day. I may not be close to most of the people there (the only people that I really hung out with were Dominance, Ah Yang, KitYing & BigJing), when we got together, it was for a same reason: Dance. And for that, we could connect. Because of a same interest, for that few hours, I felt at home in almost a majority of people whom I otherwise rarely spoke to.

And we learnt other dances too. The choreographers of the other dances would teach us some basics, as would we. And most likely laugh at the other person's failed attempt. xD All in good humour, though.

But the one thing I wanted to highlight here is an irony. You see, with quite a number of people pulling out of the drama this semester due to different reasons, the storyline has been changed. And in this case, the point I wanted to specifically highlight was the fact that: KitYing is no longer the 'mother', but the 'friend' who loves dancing, but isn't good at it at first. So, because of this new storyline, we were required to come up with a new choreography and song, since it wasn't a 'sad' scene anymore, and they weren't 'mother and daughter'. So while the others were practicing their parts, BigJing, KitYing and I listened to songs to pick one that we think would suit the scenes.

The irony here is the song that we agreed on for the scene where KitYing supposedly was practicing and fell, and was on the verge of giving up.

It was Kiss The Rain by Yiruma.
Gino's Song.

I knew that particular scene was going to be special for me, but it hadn't really dawned on me until right before we went back, when BigJing and KitYing danced in front of everyone. When KitYing danced to the music in her scene, I felt choked up. It all came back to me again.

A dance about a girl's passion of dance, and of her disappointment of not being good enough. It sounds all too familiar. And the girl who helped the other girl to have confidence in herself; in my case, it was Lika (yes you, my bitch. xD). Gino, it's times like these that I wish you were still here.. I would have called you or at least messaged you and told you all about it. I would have shown you some of the steps when I went back to Kuantan. I know you would have definitely disapproved of the late practicing though. One month is too little for you as it is. Asking you to come back is, of course, unrealistic. But I still wished I could ask that of you.

When everyone started applauding both of them during the climax of the music in the second half of the scene (to a different song), I couldn't help but beam at them. I felt proud, they were both so hardworking and dedicated. I may not have done much (they came up with most of the choreography by themselves, actually), but still, I was happy and proud that their dance earned compliments everywhere. They deserved it.

I would have uploaded the videos I took, but that would give away what's in store for the dance drama. But I guess.. A non-related pic or two wouldn't hurt? ;)

EDIT: Ok, I couldn't resist. I've posted up the video of KitYing dancing to Yiruma's Kiss The Rain. After watching it countless times, I couldn't resist. It was just too inspiring not to. =]

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