November 07, 2008

Advanced Foundation in KL

Actual date: 22nd April 2007
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

Ok, so this time, the 3 of us are going.
And again, we would be going by bus (only this time, to KL. Yeah. =3 ).

The journey there was uneventful, though more eventful than when I went to Terengganu.
(Shu Cia resumed her hibernation process, but at least I had Lika to talk to this time. ^^)
I didn't exactly sleep much in the bus. Maybe a few winks.
Maybe it was due to excitement or something. (I'm going to KL! With my friends! ^^ It's been a while since I last went, the last time being when I went on a school trip in std 6. =p )
I didn't eat anything when we stopped at the rest house in Temerloh too.
(Saving for the proper lunch at KL perhaps? xD)

When we finally arrived at the bus stop in KL, we took a monorail to Sentral, where we were supposed to call Gino.
He came shortly after and took us to Ms Tam a.k.a Sue Yin's place.
The dance studio turns out to be Dance Plaza, only at a different venue.
Dance Plaza was the place where I had my grade 8 exam rehearsal (or was it exam too? Ah well..) almost 3 (now 4,) years ago.
Back then it was at the old location.

Ms Tam's place was decent (ok, screw decent, it was nice).
She even had a maid to clean the studio (I'm guessing everyday, or at least on working days), and then there was the studio's chubby pet cat.
Back at the stairway (at the bulletin board alongside it), there was a flyer stating that a 'friend' was missing.
And that 'friend' happened to be a dog.
When we saw the chubby cat, Shu Cia grinned saying, "Guess where the dog went?"

We had wanted to go for a light luch before class (seeing as none of us really ate much during the bus break), but we were told to wait for another lady, as we were supposed to go for luch together.
But by 1pm, the lady was still nowhere to be found (class started at 2pm), so we decided we'd better get a move on or we might not get to have luch at all.
We went to the nearest stall, which happened to be a Mamak shop.

A guy came to take our order, and for drinks I asked for blackcurrant.
The guy pointed at Coke.
I told him no, and I repeated that I wanted blackcurrant.
Then he pointed at Vanilla Coke. =.="
By now, both Lika and Shu Cia were sniggering.
I got up from my chair, went to the fridge and pointed at the one I wanted.
I sat back down as the guy took the drinks and gave me... F&N Orange.
How blur can you get?? =.="

Then came time to order the food.
There were no menus, so Lika asked him (the same guy that took the order for our drinks, btw.)what they had.
Shu Cia ordered roti canai, and Lika and I ended up ordering Maggi Goreng Pattaya.
Obviously, Shu Cia's came first, then Lika and mine.
As he served one dish first, Lika told me to have it.
I tore the layer of egg open to find rice staring back at me.
Rice. Nasi.
I swore I almost headdesked in frustration.
Lika got the same. Rice.

Not bothering to complain, we finished, paid for our luch, and left for Dance Plaza.
Then we changed in the 'changing rooms' upstairs.

The teachers entered late, so to fill up the time where we spent waiting for them, we joked about.
And laughed. Hard.
Until my tears came out.

Ms Tam was a kind lady, as we soon found out.
But like all other ballet teachers (probably excluding Mr Gino.. Heh), her performance expectations were high.
Her students could do triple pirouettes like a walk in the park.
And to think, I was having trouble doing double. =.=
Oh, and she allowed us to have short breaks and drink some water in between, when she was discussing with Mr Gino and that other lady teacher.
(Ms Chua had not approved of us drinking water, when we asked if we could drink back at Terengganu, she replied with a "Huh? So little while want to drink already? If class is 5-6 hours then I'll let you have one break la.." I swear that woman is loco. =.=)

After class, I was hot and sweaty, yes, but not too tired.
Heck, after surviving 3 straight hours at Ms Chua's, 2 hours seemed.. tolerable. xD
Lika, however, was exhausted.
Don't blame her though. At Gino's, we do talking most of the time. xDD

We changed our sweatily-clad ballet leotards to regular clothes, and Mr Gino sent us to KLCC, where we had Genki for dinner. xDD
The salmon was heavenly, btw. ^^

After dinner and browsing about KLCC, we made our way to Pudu.
It was crowded with people and trust me, being a girl and all, you wouldn't want to find yourself alone there.
I sat myself and my bag down on one of the benches.
Not-so-good move.
Because I've been carrying that knapsack around since after class, the moment I slipped the shoulder straps off, a layer of wetness had formed where the strap used to be.

Once in the bus, both Lika and I were tired, sweaty and exhausted.
THANK GOD the bus had air conditioning, or we would have died.
At least I know I would.

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