November 07, 2008

Concert! Day 1

Actual date: 29th March 2008
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

Well, here it is.. Concert day #1.
I did my hair and makeup (ok, Ashley did my hair..) at home, then went to Taman Budaya.
I put my things in the room backstage, then went to go help Lika in organizing the younger students.
They were, to say the least, a big bunch of noise, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that they weren't too stubborn to begin with, and complied when we asked them to keep quiet (even if for a while), unlike that other group who sent us death glares when we told them nicely not to be so noisy.

The concert did not start at 8pm sharp (call it Malaysian time, if you will).
Instead, it started about 8.10pm.
Oh, and we got sandwhiches earlier on, too.
There were 2 boxes of sandwhiches (1 box sardine, 1 box turkey ham.. I think), 1 box of bananas and 12-3 boxes of mineral water.
I didn't eat my sandwhich until probably the 2nd half of the itenary.
Was busy helping in getting the students to follow orders.
Which was a challenge on its own. >___>

And since the younger girls were told to stay in the room backstage if it wasn't their time to go up on stage, it was pretty crowded when we went to go change for Mazurka & Valse.
And what's a concert without mishaps?
Someone spilt drinks on the floor, making most part of the room wet.
Which makes it even harder to change without getting our leotards dirty.
Thankfully, it sort of dried off when we went to change for Valse.
Stains on white would look very unpleasant, thank you very much.

I managed to exchange a few words with Ee Loe as well. (Btw did I mention that the last bit for Mazurka was played a tad too fast?)
And for Jovianne's group's chinese dance, LiXian and I had to help put the firecrackers at the front of the stage.

After the finale bow, the VIPs (who, up till now I have no idea what their names are, =3) went up to the stage and took photos with the group.
I heard that it might come out in the papers, though I didn't check.

Anyways.. By the end of it, I was pretty much damp with sweat.
I went home, had a hurried shower, changed, then went with Lika and Gino for supper.
Gino would also be going back to KL that night, which means that Lika and I are left to take care of the kids all by ourselves the next day.

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