November 07, 2008

Beauty & The Beast Musical

Actual date: 30th June 2008
Performance date: 29th June 2008
Taken from my Livejournal.

EDIT: I added the pictures! ^^

I actually wrote the first part of this entry on the night I came back itself, but then I fell asleep on the entry. Yeah, tired much? *^-^*
So, I had to rewrite the entry which, thankfully, wasn't much because it was mostly crappily written anyway, and only a few lines which were very poorly put together.
(And no, my use of bad english is not part of my exhaustion. Blame it on Lika.)
So here's my rewritten, and hopefully better version of yesterday's escapades:

Our bus was to leave the station at 9am, and Lika was holding the bus tickets.
I arrived a little later than I normally do whenever I was going to KL, and that was around.. 8.45am or something, I think..
I smsed Lika to ask where she was, but no reply. Dad offered me his phone to call her, so I did.
Several times.
But she didn't pick up her phone.
Finally, I just decided to go wait at the platform she mentioned earlier. (Platform 5)
There, I tried calling her several times (again), and after what seemed like the umpteenth time, she finally answered with a hurried "Yeah yeah, I'm on the way..!"
So I waited.
And waited.
When did she arrive?
At least about 9:01am.
Thankfully, I had told the bus driver to wait a while for a friend.
Otherwise, I think they'd have left us. Phew.
I saw Lika running towards the bus, bus ticket in hand.
She huffed, then muttered a sheepish apology to the bus driver (who just smiled) and handed our tickets.

Lesson of the day?
Never let Lika hold the bus tickets again.

So anyways, we got on the bus and headed off to KL.
The usual happened, listening to out iPods (or in Lika's case, her PodPod), chatting, and attempting to sleep. Nothing worth mentioning, yeah.

When we arrived at KL, we made our way to the LRT station to go to KLCC, which sees us having to change LRT stations to get there.
It was also then that I found out my so-called Touch N Go card doesn't work.
Wtf. =.="
So anyways.. We made our way to KLCC and got there at about 1 something (which by then had me pretty much sweating already).
Our original plan (and thought) was to get to the main entrance of KLCC (according to the message mum sent me), get our Beauty & The Bitch (as Lika put it,) tickets and have lunch. But I later reread the message to find that it said 'Main entrance of the KLCC Convention Centre'; not KLCC main entrance, as we thought, after failing to spot the ticket booth at KLCC's entrances.
Yes, we're dumb.
So instead, we had lunch, walked around a bit in attempt to find Dona a birthday present, and then went to KLCC's Convention Centre to collect the tickets.
We asked around as to where to get it, then went to a little reception kinda booth and collected the tickets.
After that, we loitered around the foyer for a bit (seeing as it was almost time for the show anyway), looking at the souviniers on display.
A certain key chain cought my attention, as it could open up and in my opinion, double as a locket.

We told the guy there that we'd come back after the show to continue looking around.
All in all, our seat this time was fairly closer to the stage than the previous musicals that we attended (My Fair Lady & Chicago), but I still wore my glasses for a clearer view. ;)

It was, by far I think, the best musical out of the two I've seen in the past.
Although I didn't really fancy Beauty & The Beast, this musical performance amazed me.
There were several touching parts that almost brought me to tears (ALMOST!), and it was much funnier than the cartoon (Lumiere & the Beast).
One of my favourite lines:

Lumiere (to the Beast): "Say something about her dress! (reffering to Belle's dress)"
Beast (to Belle): "It's red."

After the show we went back to the foyer, and in the end I bought the program book and my favourite keychain-cum-locket. *beams*

Lika got herself the charm bracelet.
Upon entering KLCC again, I met Uncle Kenneth. We talked for a while before taking off.
Then Lika & I took off to Kinokuniya to browse books, and went our seperate ways, promising to meet at the shop entrance later.
Surrounded by books, we ended our little shopping spree a little behind schedule.
I didn't even get to see the Entertainment section of Kinokuniya! T__T *sobs*
All the while, I kept my eyes on the lookout for books/magazines on DBSK (they have a rather big section of Japanese mags & books! ), before realising (very) later on that DBSK was mainly a Korean band, although they do understand/speak and sing in Japanese.
Slow much? Wth. =.="
I ended up only buying an English Bleach manga.
So with that, we went to Genki for dinner, only to see that it's been replaced by a Sakae Sushi.
As we didn't have much time on our hands, I only ordered fresh Salmon with rice (forgot the exact name), though I wanted to try the Gyoza (*cough*Arashi*cough*).
After that we managed to make our way to and change LRT stations without hassel.
The hassel, however, came when we had to walk to Puduraya from the LRT station from Pasar Seni.
It was drizzling then, and we had to walk all the way there (about 20 mins walk), asking for directions on the way.
And let me tell you that sweat and rain don't go well together.
We weren't soaked when we reached Pudu, but we were damp.
Let's just say I was glad when we were abroad the bus.
However, I couldn't rejoice 100%, as the bus was not a very new one and I saw a baby cocroach (and 2 other little baby cocroaches I think, which I killed.) lingering on the wall near my seat.

Lika and I slept through most of the journey back, we were tired (and Lika exhausted).
Oh, and another teeny weeny problem?
The bus was too.friggin.cold! (the cockroach probably froze to death over this time period).
They had those air conds where you couldn't shut them, cause they had air cond coming out of both ways.
I swore everyone was silently freezing to death, until a guy went up to the bus driver during the break and must've told him to turn off the air conditioning.

Lesson 2: Bring a bigger, warmer jacket next time.

It felt good to finally be back at Kuantan again, and on the way back home I got dad to stop by at McDonalds and get me 20-piece chicken nuggets. ^-^

Aah.. That was a long day, was it not?
Nice, but a long and tiring day nonetheless.
Feels so good to be able to sleep properly (not to mention cleanly!) in my own bed.
Oh, and another thing DBSK-related..-

Because I've been seeing DBSK lookalikes throughout my time in KL.
First, when we were at Sakae Sushi, I swore I saw a guy looking like the younger version of Yunho.
He must've been working at KLCC, since he wore a black long-sleeved shirt with a tie and black pants to match.
He was cute, but sadly, he hardly noticed me.

Then, as we were making our way to Pudu, we passed this phone shop and there was another boy who I swore resembled Yunho in the slightest. And I swore he looked at me as we walked past.

And then there was that one guy in Pudu who looked like Changmin. I didn't really get a good look as we were passing through, but from a glance/from the expression he was making, he definitely reminded me of Changmin.

Oh yes, there is one more.. This one just walked past us, but I was so sure he reminded me a teeny bit of Jaejoong. I never got a second glance.

Someone needs a life..

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