November 07, 2008

Going To Terengganu for Advanced Foundation

Actual date: 3rd December 2006
(Yes, you read right.. 2006. It was that long ago.)
Taken from my ballet journal. ^^

Shu Cia, Lika & I would be going, with me taking notes of the counting/steps etc, and taping the lesson, if I can get dad to lend me his camcorder.
We would be going there by bus, and the fees divided, both Lika & Shu Cia would have to pay RM75 each for the class that day.
I, on the other hand, didn't have to pay since I wasn't gonna be dancing.
Or, as Gino put it, "You watch them suffer." xD
Indeed, as class would be 3 hours straight! O.o
No doubt they're gonna suffer.
Well, Lika at least. =3

But as fate would have it, Lika texted me the day before out little 'field trip' to say that she had a fever, and that if it didn't subside come nightfall, she would not be coming and I might have to dance in her place.
(That is, if Ms Chua still collected the RM75 despite Lika not dancing.)

So on the day of departure (did I mention that this would be a one-day affair? Because it is. our class starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm, then we'd be taking the 8.30pm bus back), I brought along my leotards, tights and shoes, just in case I'll be needing them later.

I arrived at the bus stop at about a quarter to 11am.
Shu Cia was already there, so I joined her.
Shortly after that, her husband came with vegetarian food for her for the journey.
(Shu Cia is a vegetarian, if you haven't figured that out already. =) )
Terengganu had only 1 vegetarian store, she said.

The bus came not long after, and after checking the tickets, the bus left at 11am sharp.
The journey wasn't very eventful, considering Shu Cia took out her inflatable pillow, blew it up, and was out cold even before the bus left the station.
=.= Okayy...

So I spent the journey looking at the scenery and sleeping.
I decided agianst listening to the mp3s on my phone, just in case the battery died on me along the way, leaving me unable to contact mum and Hong Wen until I reached Kuantan safely.

We arrived at Terengganu at around 3.30pm, leaving not much time for us to find a taxi to take us to our destination.
That, and one wrong turn/wrong information, and we're screwed.
Luckily though, we managed to get a taxi, went through the correct roadways and arrived at Dance Dimentions on time.
When we turned up at the studio, however, we learned that Ms Chua had not arrived yet.
But there were grade 7 girls practising in the studio by themselves.
And joking around, of course. Still, they at least were much more hardworking than Gino's students ever were, me included. =3
Shu Cia then rather dashed to the toilet, having been bursting to go since in the bus not too long before we arrived. xD

I contemplated if I should change to my leotards or not, just in case I had to dance also later.
I asked Shu Cia, and she said why not, might as well.
Plus, I'd be having the benefit of the doubt.
About 10-20 minutes later, Ms Chua arrived, and we started class not long after that.
And yes, I had to dance too.

~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~A gruelling 3 hours later~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~0~

My feet would've been shaking had I not controlled it.
My toes felt as if they were gonna drop off (though we hadn't done pointe work, THANK GOODNESS for that), my left leg felt as if they would have a major cramp up with one wrong foot move, and I was so hot and tired that I could barely jump an inch off the floor anymore.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, earlier before we stepped out of the taxi, Shu Cia managed to get the taxi driver's phone number, so we could call him to get us once we were done.
So Ms Chua then suggested we call the taxi service, which we had trouble with, resulting Ms Chua volunteering to send us to the bus station in the end.
The next trouble was that there were 2 bus stations, and we hadn't known which one we would be taking off from.

After we found out and Ms Chua dropped us off at the respected station, Shu Cia and I had our so-called dinner, consisting of pastries (A/N: Dammit, now I'm craving for pastries.. xp), and waited for the bus back home.

Then, another problem arose.
(We seemed to attracting a lot of problems today ne?)
Our tickets stated that the bus is at 8.30pm, but when we found the respective bus, the bus driver told us that it wasn't that/his bus.
It couldn't have been the other one, as it leaves at 9pm.
And from whatever little experience I've had with busses (only one, actually.. This was my first time =3 ), the busses leave quite punctually.
We searched the station, and there were no other busses to Kuantan that would be leaving at 8.30pm.
To be honest, I was rather nervous that we'd miss the bus or take the wrong one.
If that was the case (God forbid), we had to buy another return ticket and find a budget hotel to stay in for the night.
And it was my 'time of the month' too, and I don't think I'd have enough pads (or money to buy the pads for that matter,) to last me till tomorrow.
Ew. Not nice.

Anyways, to cut the story short, turns out that our bus to Kuantan was actually the one leaving at 9pm.
Oh, and the bus was freezing too.
The air cond was the two-way kind, thus literally freezing me to death.
Even though I had my jacket on, the air cond was blowing at my nose. *__*.
Major brrr.
I managed to sleep a few winks though, and that was saying something, seeing as I probably looked like Rudolph, what with my nose freezing despite my attempts to cover it up with my jacket (it kept slipping off!).

Having said that, I guess you could say that it felt good to be in Kuantan again.
Home sweet home.
With warm toasty blankets. ^^

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