November 07, 2008

Concert! Day 2

Actual date: 30th March 2008
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

Thus arrives the final day of our concert.
I had to fetch Chia Hern (Ok, technically it was Dad who fetched her) again, and when we got there, the Haiwaiian girls were sitting on the audience chairs again like yesterday.
(Of course, the audience hadn't began to fill in yet, after all, we were told to come about 2 hours before the performance to get ready and stuff.)

Then we (Chia Hern, Lika & I) put our stuff on the chairs behind the VIP seats (for the time being).
Then we began chatting and putting on makeup (Chia Hern hadn't put on her makeup yet, and I didn't put on my lipstick).
We were later joined by Chien Yi, and then we got to taking pictures, because we hadn't managed to to take any pics the day before.
Oh, and Chia Hern went on a hairspray frenzy (literally, the can of hair spray, not the musical Hairspray).
On me. >__>
I swear that girl gets hyper at the weirdest moments. xDD

Before the hairspray incident.

I admit I sort of dreaded to handle all the girls of Premier Dance Academy by ourselves, but thankfully, they turned out to be better behaved than we give them credit for.
We were given water and bread again, this time the cream bun kind.
I didn't take one as I had something light to eat beforehand (and by that I mean 4 slices of bread. =.=), but which I am now regretting as I write.
(A/N: Remember that all these events happened on the date above, not the date I'm posting this.)

When the orchestra started off the first agenda, I literally had no mood to dance (due to certain reasons).
I felt like going home and just sleep instead.
But as our first dance Dramatique drew nearer, I found myself getting nervous.
And rightfully so.

  • While dancing, my scarf got caught in my hair bun for a while when I was supposed to flip it.

  • A bit of Chia Hern's skirt got hitched up as she stretched her arms to lift her scarf up.

  • Jovy almost went in the opposite direction when we were 'running'.

Wow. That's a glitch for each one of us.
Maybe Lady Luck got tired of us and went on a vacation.
Yeah, that might be it.

Oh, and did I mention that today was our turn to have the air cond on on our side of the room? ^^
It was Shu Cia's side of the backstage room that had no air cond this time. xD

Just before the orchestra that was meant to be played before Krakoviak, we had this certificate presentation ceremony for all exam girls of 2007.
Nothing worth mentioning there.

All in all, although the changing rooms were not as crowded nor as sour-smelling as yesterday, I have to say that I preferred the atmosphere better yesterday.
And it also took less time for the girls to clear out of the room after everything was done.

Oh, and judging by the kind of 'cream bread' that was given today, yesterday's sandwhiches were better too. =3

So after the concert, Mum went backstage to congratulate me and inform me of what was the plan.
Then Hong Wen came too, and waited for me to pack up so he could send me home, as Dad's car had no more room to fit me and my bags.
We (Hong Wen & my family) ended up in the Cendol shop, to 'indulge' in the hot weather.
And I took 2 bowls of cendol. =3


Guess who's craving for cendol now?

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